Your donation will help Kansas2Kenya reach the Community Needs for 2016. You can donate online through the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas by following the link below and selecting Kansas2Kenya in the program designation area. Donate Online.

Community Needs for 2016

  • Address malnutrition of children, particularly during the first 1,000 days of life, through education of community leaders and families
  • Continue education/leadership awards program to teachers and continue soccer tournament and student awards at Ngeya School
  • Provide support for AA/NA meetings and for after-school programs for youth in partnership with Badilika
  • Purchase additional e-readers to bring hundreds of books to children at the Osborne Libraries in Nakuru and Maai Mahiu and develop a third library
  • Continue to provide a women’s health clinic and treat hundreds of patients through the annual K2K Medical Team
  • Provide funding for monthly dental clinic in Maai Mahiu and Naivasha in partnership with Kijabe Hospital
  • Continue development of pharmacy program with University of Nairobi School of Pharmacy
  • Dispense hundreds of mosquito nets to children age 5 and under and pregnant women
  • Provide to co-ops a farming technique called Farming God’s Way that uses composting and slow-drip irrigation systems to improve crop production
  • Install rain water collection systems and other environmental projects such as a water retention pond and solar food dehydrators
  • Present U.N. information to women on empowerment and gender-based violence. Partner with C4G to bring computers with similar information to women’s groups in the Diocese of Nakuru.
  • Continue program to fund school fees for orphans to enable them to receive a school lunch in Maai Mahiu. Provide support to orphans in Naivasha.
  • Seminars for women on nutrition, dental care, chronic illnesses and emotional health with an emphasis on reproductive health, including addressing anemia and folate deficiency
  • Support the “safe house” called Agatha’s Amani House for women who are victims of domestic violence, and provide a laptop with C4G programs on women’s health and empowerment

Contributions to Kansas2Kenya may also be sent to:

c/o The Episcopal Diocese of Kansas
835 SW Polk St
Topeka, KS 66612-1688
(785) 235-9255

Donations to the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, a not-for-profit organization, are tax deductible to the extent allowable by IRS regulations. Please consult your professional advisor to discuss the many different options for giving.

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